Phenomenal Results!

I have been working with Tim for over a year now, and the results have been phenomenal. Not only has his work completely corrected the original issues I sought help with, his work has also corrected many long term health issues I wasn't even aware of. My overall health and vitality has skyrocketed since working with Tim. Examples are- chronic fatigue and lethargy have now been replaced with vitality and energy. I am waking up without an alarm at 6am every morning, which has not happened in over 20 years! I seem to need less sleep in General, which is amazing since 10 hours a day never seemed to be enough for most of my life. My lymphatic system has healed to the point that I no longer need to wear deodorant, another big deal for those who know me personally. And my general mood, disposition, and outlook on life has taken a marked upswing since working with Tim. As I mentioned, the actual health issues I went to see him for have also healed completely. I just can't say enough good things about Tim and his work. It has changed my life, and I feel extremely blessed to have access to him. He is a true healer in every sense of the word. I highly, highly recommend him.

Absolute Genius

Absolute genius! He cuts through all the fluff and drama that most clinics throw at you and does what we are looking for...'healing'. Tim is also a very patient person, dedicated and knowledgeable. Within 5 days of seeing him, my chronic dizziness disappeared!

Supremely Competent

One of the best healers I have ever met. Highly skilled, supremely competent, REAL, long lasting results. I can't say enough positive things about Tim and his acupuncture. He has helped me with fatigue, lymphatic issues, even dissolved a cyst in my breast. Phenomenal results!

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Number One

Tim is number one in my book. He is a skilled healer. I recommend him to anyone who needs help either with acupuncture or herbs. My husband's lungs are better because of the mixture of herbs Tim provides.

Quite Profound

That brief moment you asked about my heel issue the interaction on the surface was mundane but for me it was quite profound, on an energetic and deeper level. The incredible openness and compassion you brought in that moment reflected my own blocks and resistance and avoidances in working with this issue which has spurred me on to really engaging with it and things are progressing fast. I knew you were good but that moment opened my eyes to the depth of what a gifted healer, thank you for that.

Calm Expansion

Seeing Tim for herbs and for acupuncture has been a joy and also a learning experience! Each time I have had a session, I go in with concern and questions and when I leave I feel a great sense of calm and expansion of insight. He is intuitive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Tim Baglio, for just about any ailment!


Profound and Helpful

Tim has been treating me since 2013 for chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome (ibs), severe insomnia, muscle weakness, neurological pain and other issues associated with Lyme disease. I have seen significant improvement in sleep and digestion and a 90% reduction in pain associated with ibs. Even though I am disabled by my illness I have seen improvement in my stamina and energy levels, enough that I have been able to start doing some acrylic painting again. 

Tim is an unusually gifted acupuncturist and herbalists. He ranks among the very best of the many practitioners and DOM’s (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) that I have seen over the course of nearly 25 years. Tim brings to his practice a unique set of skills that I have never found in another acupuncturist: 1) he is a gifted diagnostician and can read Qi better than anyone I have ever met; 2) his knowledge of traditional Chinese herbs and herbal formulas enables him to customize medicine for specific conditions; 3) his extensive training in martial arts and qigong gives him an unusual depth of understanding about how energy flows in the human body and how it can be used to facilitate healing. Tim has given me simple and easy qigong exercises that are profound and helpful. I highly recommend Tim for anyone considering acupuncture or Chinese herbal treatments. Tim is kind and compassionate as well as being extremely knowledgable.

Big Step Forward

Thank you, thank you, Thank you for rescuing Paul from his 4 month Hell of depression, anxiety and sleepless nights.  We are so encouraged after just 12 days of taking the Chinese Herbs you suggested! Paul immediately was able to sleep at night.  At first he still woke up at  3 AM  but was able to get back to sleep! A radical change and a big step forward to reclaiming his life. His symptoms of light head and dizziness are less severe. He still is experiencing anxiety but is hopeful thru Chinese Herbs and your expertise he now has HOPE he is on his way to fully restored Health. We continue to sing your Praises to all who will listen. Thank you again !  We look forward to a long and fruitful future with you on our health team.

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