Taoist Neigong

Taoism is a spiritual philosophy that originated prior to written language in China. Ancient Taoists realized that through observing and living harmoniously in accordance with nature one could avoid disease and preserve life. These doctrines are embodied within the Taoist movement and meditation practices of Qigong, Taiji, Xingyi, and Bagua.


Qigong is the foundation for all energetic practices. Specific qigong movements establish the fundamental physical and energetic principles necessary for more advanced practices. Our Qigong includes the Energy Arts forms Bend the Bow, Energy Gates, Heaven and Earth, and Gods Playing in the Clouds, as well as the Hunyuan Fangsong Gong.


Taiji is perhaps the most famous of the Taoist interal arts. Defined by circuitous movement and the interplay of Yin and Yang, Taiji is a gently powerful way to develop health and relaxation. Our Taiji includes the Chen Style Hunyuan 13 form, the 8 Energies two-person form, and associated exercises.


Xingyi is a form of internal martial arts based on the 5 Elements. Often considered the most directly martial of the internal forms, Xingyi is said to have been developed specifically for military use. Our Xingyi includes the 5 Element Fists, Standing Postures, Stepping, and the Hunyuan Xinyi Lianhuan Chuan.


Until recently Bagua was primarily a Taoist moving meditation practice, but when Dong Haichuan introduced Bagua Zhang to Beijing in the mid-1800s, it quickly became popular as a martial arts practice. Our Bagua includes the 8 Mother Palms, Circle Walking, Palm Changes, and Two-Person Application.